July 13 - 20 2024
According to Freedom Quintet (DK/ES/PL) - Photo: Mattias Andersson

Photo: Mattias Andersson

According to Freedom Quintet (DK/ES/PL)


Cesar Joaniquet (t-sax), Jonas Due (trp), Artur Tuznik (p), Mariusz Prasniewski (b), Daniel Sommer (drm, comp)

Jazz that Pushes Boundaries

With his brand new project According to Freedom Quintet, Daniel Sommer leads an international supergroup playing Sommer's original compositions.

According to Freedom creates a framework that liberates the individual musician's voice. The compositions move through minimalist chords in Daniel Sommer's characteristic compositions. Added to this are two-part melodies that move in and out of each other in simple compositions that allow the musicians to unfold personally and in the moment.

At the heart of According To Freedom lies the moment when artists put their vanity aside and challenge their own boundaries. The moment when they face themselves and others to create the most intimate and honest space. A place where communication and the very act of listening are essential.

For years, Daniel Sommer has moved effortlessly across borders and musical landscapes. His responsive and empathic style characterizes a musical sensitivity and personality that has taken him far.


About Musikhuset Swings 

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus once again have the pleasure of inviting you to Musikhuset Swings during Aarhus Jazz Festival. If you have visited Ridehuset Swings in the past, you already know to look forward to enjoying community, culinary delights, and great musical experiences - with free admission to most concerts. 

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus look forward to welcoming you to Musikhuset Swings, which takes place July 8-15 in the foyer and halls of Musikhuset and at KISSA in Musikhusparken. 


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