July 13 - 20 2024
Rasmus Bøgelund (DK) - Photo: Apollo

Photo: Apollo

Rasmus Bøgelund (DK)


Rasmus Bøgelund (trp), Jens Nørholm (p), Peter Friis (b), Heine Hot (drm)

Swinging jazz led by a Seasoned Trumpeter

Rasmus Bøgelund has been on stage since he was nine years old. His first years were in the family band with his father, and since then he has played trumpet right behind some of the biggest Danish and international names.

Rasmus has appeared on countless releases, and apart from a gold record with Poul Krebs, he has been nominated for more than 15 Danish Music Awards and numerous international awards.

Rasmus has also written music for TV and film, having made music for both DR's radio program and title music for hit series on DR1.

In addition, Rasmus has been employed in Klüvers Big Band and later Aarhus Jazz Orchestra for almost 15 years – first as a trumpet player, later as artistic coordinator, and for the last three years as program manager.

Rasmus is supported by old acquaintances in the alley. Every day, Heine Hot puts together a team of experienced musicians, including Jens Nørholm, Peter Friis, Jesper Carlsen, and Søren Bo Addemos.



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