July 13 - 20 2024
Fantasilaboratoriet (DK) - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Fantasilaboratoriet (DK)


Niels Munk (trp), Dan Hjorth Jensen (p), Jens Mikkel Madsen (b), Frederik Emil Bülow (drm)

Imagination and Improvisation Beyond Conventional Jazz Norms

Paradoxically, Fantasilaboratoriet places itself at both the center and the periphery of jazz. With a passion for improvisation, the project's musicians use the fundamental characteristics of jazz as a starting point for cultivating imagination and improvisation, while rejecting the norms typically associated with the genre.

The Imagination Lab is a creative space that explores the imagination, motivated by the spiritual and practical value of the art form.

The North Jutland trumpeter and composer Niels Munk's debut on the Danish jazz scene received high praise from Danish jazz writers when he released his experimental jazz project Fantasilaboratoriet in January 2021.

For example, Jazznyt blogger Niels Overgård wrote about the debut album:

"The young North Jutland trumpeter Niels Munk debuts with a record that leaves a clear imprint on the Danish jazz scene. ... A great ending to a perfect album."


Read more about Fantasilaboratoriet

Read more about Fantasilaboratoriet

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