July 13 - 20 2024
Okabe / Hano / Gammelgaard / Berg (JP/DK) - Photo: Johan Adrian Buus

Photo: Johan Adrian Buus

Okabe / Hano / Gammelgaard / Berg (JP/DK)


Haruhiko Okabe (t-sax, hichiriki), Shoji Hano (drm), Johannes Gammelgaard (t-sax), Johannes Berg (drm)

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Danish-Japanese Duo Summit

In this double duo, two young Danish improv musicians meet two experienced Japanese dittos in a sizzling and dynamic expression that unites Japanese and European improv traditions.

Haruhiko Okabe (b. 1961) is a Japanese improviser who plays both the tenor saxophone and the traditional Japanese wind instrument hichiriki. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 12 and has worked professionally as a musician since 1997. In 1999, he studied "Intuitive Music" with Danish composer Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen. Since 2006, he has performed throughout most of Europe with many prominent musicians. He is the president of the Takamatsu Free Improvisation Club and holds a university degree in philosophy.

Shoji Hano (b. 1955) is a Japanese drummer who, after cultivating the American jazz tradition and European free improvisation, has specialized in solo drumming, drawing inspiration from the philosophical aspects of the Japanese practice of Shintaido. He first visited Europe in 1990 to play concerts, and since then he has toured Europe or the USA almost annually, performing with musicians such as Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Brötzmann, Hans Reichel, Tristan Honzinger, Johannes Bauer, and others.

Johannes Gammelgaard (b. 1992) is a Danish saxophonist and composer based in Stockholm. In recent years, he has been active on the jazz and improvisation scenes in Scandinavia, touring and releasing music with several of his own ensembles and as a sideman. His musical expression draws inspiration from the Danish hymns and songs he grew up with, as well as the American jazz tradition and the surrounding Scandinavian music scene.

Johannes Berg (b. 1991) is a versatile drummer who is active on the Danish jazz and improvisation scenes. He also composes nature-inspired music for several groups with strong influences from the minimalist Nordic folk music tradition. His drumming is deeply rooted in his focus on sound – the art of creating music that is both relevant and important is central to his playing.

Read more about Okabe / Hano / Gammelgaard / Berg

Read more about Okabe / Hano / Gammelgaard / Berg

Read more about Okabe / Hano / Gammelgaard / Berg

50 kr. pr. koncert. 300 kr. for tre dage. Cover charge 50 DKK

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