July 13 - 20 2024

Rudi Mahall's Almost Danish Quartet (DE/PL/DK) - Photo: VinDanmark

Photo: VinDanmark

Rudi Mahall's Almost Danish Quartet (DE/PL/DK)


Rudi Mahall (bcl), Artur Tuznik (pno), Richard Andersson (b,) Kasper Tom (drm)

Not quite danish quartet celebrates the summer with a unique approach to standards

Get ready for an explosion of energy and creativity as Rudi Mahall's Almost Danish Quartet hits the Danish jazz festivals this summer.

Rudi Mahall is a legendary bass clarinetist from Berlin, where he has been known for his humorous stage presence since the 1990s. Carrying his original approach wherever he goes, Mahall has left his mark on the music scene. Among his notable achievements, he once recorded all of Thelonious Monk's compositions, resulting in nearly 240 minutes of music spread across 3 CDs. Mahall is a prominent figure in the European free jazz scene, but this time he's diving into standards with his almost-Danish quartet. 

The quartet comprises pianist Artur Tuznik, drummer Kasper Tom, and bassist Richard Andersson. While Tuznik hails from Poland, he has made Copenhagen his home since 2008. Kasper Tom has been collaborating with Rudi Mahall since 2011 in the quartet Fusk. Richard Andersson, with roots in both the Faroe Islands and Iceland, has previously played alongside Rudi Mahall in the band Richard Andersson & ImmerGrün.

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