July 13 - 20 2024

Olga Witte Organ Trio No 3 (DK) - Photo: Hreinn Gudlaugsson

Photo: Hreinn Gudlaugsson

Olga Witte Organ Trio No 3 (DK)


Olga Witte (org, comp) Christian Windfeld (d) Thomas Eiler (d)

Black Holes

In the words of jazz magazine Salt Peanuts, Langenæs Church organist Olga Witte is “far more than an ‘ordinary’ church organist. Because her church organ playing is extremely creative... Beautiful, sacred, and free." Olga is a composer and experimental jazz musician. She has previously released a critically acclaimed album with two organ trios and is now ready with her third organ trio, this time for church organ and two drum kits operated by the experimental and highly acclaimed drummers Christian Windfeld and Thomas Eiler. This year, Olga received Denmark's oldest honorary award in jazz with the words: “Olga's commitment, drive, and curiosity have taken both her and jazz far and wide. She is one of today's musicians and organizers who are taking jazz further."

In this third organ trio, Olga Witte works compositionally with the physical laws of black holes and the story in the children's book “Black Holes and Uncle Albert”, and the distinctive constellation will present striking new sensuous soundscapes in the tension between improvisation and composition. It will be a gripping concert with completely new sonic experiences. Christian Windfeld and Thomas Eiler work wonderfully together and create a unique experience in the church space, where the two play in and out between each other, and where all three, with many meters between them, manage to create a fantastic ensemble.

Christian Windfeld (www.christianwindfeld.com) is an improviser, composer, percussionist, and trained soloist from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. He has toured Europe, America, and Australia, been featured on more than 30 releases, including two solo albums, and is part of the Danish Arts Foundation's “The Young Elite”.

Thomas Eiler is a soloist trained drummer from the Royal Academy of Music. He is a key musician on the avant-garde and jazz scene and plays in the bands SVIN, Slowburn, and Dancer. The former is part of the Danish Arts Foundation's “The Young Artistic Elite”.

Olga Witte (www.olgawitte.dk) is a composer, jazz pianist, church organist, and ethnomusicologist. She has written experimental works for various ensembles from solo to big bands and other larger groups. She is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and has received Denmark's oldest jazz award, Gaffelprisen 2023.

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