July 13 - 20 2024

Mazur / Cronholm / Jonsson Trio (DK/SE) - Photo: Marilyn Mazur

Photo: Marilyn Mazur

Mazur / Cronholm / Jonsson Trio (DK/SE)


Marilyn Mazur (perc, p, voc) Josefine Cronholm (voc) Krister Jonsson (g)

Marilyn, Krister, and Josefine's trio is a format that they have been working on for many years. Marilyn Mazur's music is the foundation for the trio, but all three contribute lyrics and music. The expression is free, imaginative, and collective. The music is predominantly poetic with a strong rhythmic and energetic element. Marilyn has worked closely with the 2 others in several contexts ever since they met for the first time as part of a project put together for the Øresund Bridge in 2000. Marilyn wrote a commissioned piece for a Swedish / Danish collaboration.

In 2014, the trio released a CD of its multifaceted music, the nature-inspired “Flamingo Sky”. Quote from Norwegian reviewer Tor Hammerø's blog: "The sources of inspiration are many and on several of the tracks you can more than sense a shamanistic vein. These are three musicians and people with a lot of empathy - both humanly and musically. You can just sit back and let yourself be welcome into a rare, beautiful, and deeply personal musical world."

Marilyn Mazur, composer, bandleader, percussionist and pianist. Born in 1955 in New York, lived in Denmark from 1961. She was an active dancer and pianist in her younger years and has since worked as a composer, conductor, and musician in countless contexts. She has been in bands with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and Jan Garbarek, among others.  Marilyn leads many Scandinavian-based orchestras and special projects and also composes music for film and theater. Her music has been heard in her bands Shamania (albums 2018 and 2022), Future Song (live CD 2020), MM Special 4 feat. Norma Winstone, Marilyn Mazur Group (CDs 2010 and 2023), Christian Braad Thomsen's portrait film MM-Queen of Percussion, and on her 2008 solo CD release (with Jan Garbarek) for ECM Elixir.

Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm, born in 1971, lives in Copenhagen and trained at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. Besides Marilyn Mazur's Celestial Circle and Percussion Paradise, Josefine has performed and recorded with Django Bates and Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orch and is the voice of Frans Bak in the famous TV series The Killing. 

She has released several CDs, most recently Ember in 2018. In 2021, the joint project Near the Pond with Kirk Knuffke and Thommy Andersson, and in 2023 with Steen Rasmussen Milton in Swedish. With her beautiful voice and strong musical flexibility, she has been featured as a soloist in many projects.

Guitarist Krister Jonsson, born in 1971, lives in Malmö. He is a very popular and agile musician with a versatile musical spectrum. He has played with Offpiste Gurus, Marilyn Mazur Group, Hanne Boel, Bo Stief, Viktoria Tolstoy, Cæcilie Norby, and many other groups in Sweden, Denmark, and beyond.

His releases include Truckload Deluxe (2014, with Peter Danemo, Dan Berglund, and Svante Henryson) and Waiting for Antonesjka with his own trio. The latter work was performed in 2012 in an extended version with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra.


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