July 13 - 20 2024

Late Night Jazz Jam m. Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (DK) - Photo: HeadQuarters

Photo: HeadQuarters

Late Night Jazz Jam m. Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (DK)


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (b)

Late Night Jazz at Headquarters with Kenneth Dahl Knudsen

At this year's Aarhus Jazz Festival, drummer and jam host Jens Emil Jensen has assembled a team of incredible bass players to lead this year's official Late Night Jazz Jams. In addition to the official jam hosts, you can expect some great surprise guests, including internationally renowned acts, to kick off the various jams with a short opening concert!

Following the opener, the jam continues until 02.00 am or later when all jazzcats are welcome to jam on stage! Here, Danish and international musicians from near and far will meet, come together in new constellations, and form musical parties to the delight of themselves and the audience. Take your instrument under your arm or on your back and join in the musical celebration! Piano, drum kit, guitar and bass amplifier, and microphones are available on stage.

Look forward to late nights filled with beer and drinks, jam on stage, or just sit back and watch Aarhus' vibrant jazz scene unfold as local young jazz talents and established international artists come together in a musical showdown where anything can happen!

For this jam, Jens Emil Jensen (drums) will be joined by the amazing bassist and composer Kenneth Dahl Knudsen.

He is a composer, bassist, bandleader, and rhythm researcher. He is driven by a wild curiosity and desire to tell stories, restlessly developing new and challenging projects. Kenneth has been nominated for DMA Jazz in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, and he has an international career with regular tours throughout Europe and Asia.

Versatile and curious, Kenneth moves gracefully from his rock-inspired new project “Gloomers” to the classic folk-jazz ensemble ATLAS. With a masterful command of both bands and audiences, Knudsen has taken the journey from rising comet to shining star on the European music scene.

He is also one of the driving forces behind Aalborg's new young international jazz scene, and is the initiator of Jazz i Gaden, where a young, loyal audience shows up to jazz and jam sessions in Jomfru Ane Gade every Wednesday. In other words, it's an experienced jam host who invites you to a jam session at HeadQuarters."The music is nothing short of amazing; at times comforting, safe, and homely, at times challenging and testing. Ultimately, it is intensely rewarding. In my humble opinion, it defines what truly great music is about and what it means to be human, with passion, depth, honesty, and integrity."
- Mike Gates - UK Vibe - www.ukvibe.org


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