July 13 - 20 2024

Camilla Dayyani Group feat Merati & Ranjpour (DK/IR/PL) - Photo: Bazarjazz

Photo: Bazarjazz

Camilla Dayyani Group feat Merati & Ranjpour (DK/IR/PL)


Camilla Dayyani (voc) Fredrik Lundin (sax, fl) Artur Tuznik (kl) Thomas Sejthen (b) Mamli Merati (kamanche) Nazanin Ranjpour (perc) Tue Lautrup (vio) Samira Dayyani (cel)

Danish and Persian Poems in a Musical Universe

In her beautiful compositions, Camilla Dayyani brings together both Danish and Persian poets from different centuries and vast geographical distances, combining her cultural and musical roots. With her Danish-Iranian background, her love of great classical jazz singers, Scandinavian jazz, classical chamber music, and traditional Persian music, her musical expression is a refined fusion of the cultures that Camilla Dayyani embodies.

With a fantastic team of musicians, she invites you into a musical universe that bridges different worlds.

Camilla Dayyani is at the heart of it all as a composer, arranger, and singer. Her new album Mine Miniatures was released earlier this year and features the music that will be performed at the concert.

With Dayyani as the vocal facilitator, poetry is at the center of it all. Poets like Rumi, Omar Khayyam, and Forrough Farokhzad stand opposite Piet Hein and Karen Blixen. The universal message is cleara as she focuses on all the things that unite us.

Camilla Dayyani is based in Aarhus and is well-known across Denmark with five album releases. 

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Det er en dobbeltkoncert 19.30 ÆT 21.00 Camilla Dayyani Group

Aarhus Jazz Festival

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