July 13 - 20 2024

ÆT (DK/IR/TR/IL) - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival



Yossi Karutchi (Perc) Helene Tungelund (Voc, Harp) Orhan Turan (Voc, Oud, Saz)

Hymns in a New Multicultural Light

The old Danish word 'ÆT' refers to a common ancestor or progenitor and cements the musical mission of this ensemble. 3 musicians from different cultural and religious backgrounds interpret well-known Danish hymns and songs, hoping to both preserve and renew Danish cultural heritage. 

The Aarhus-based ensemble is led by Yossi Karutchi, who has been shaped by the many musical cultures of his native Israel. He is joined by singer and harpist Helene Tungelund and Orhan Özgür Turan on the string instruments saz and oud. Helene grew up with Danish hymns and songs while Orhan has musical roots in Turkish and Anatolian music.   

Combined, the trio holds no less than 11 Danish Music Awards and shapes the sound of our common roots with enthusiasm and superb musicianship. 

ÆT integrates Danish liturgical and traditional music into Arabic, and Turkish musical rules, forms, and traditions.

ÆT is a Danish word that means something akin to the group that we all take our roots from. This principle is our starting point – by mixing the Danish musical tradition and stripping it of its harmonies we meld Nordic melodies with Turkish and Arabic forms.

Music is the auditory pulse of a society. Beyond entertainment, it is the soundtrack of the culture. The goal of ÆT is, to Preserve the cultural heritage and at the same time contribute to its development, and to become an export of Denmark’s cloture as it is today.

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Det er en dobbeltkoncert med Camilla Dayyani Group. Billetten gælder til begge koncerter. 19.30 ÆT 21.00 Camilla Dayyani Group

Aarhus Jazz Festival

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