July 13 - 20 2024

Choi / Crellin / Duun / Kühne (US/NL/AUS/DK) - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Choi / Crellin / Duun / Kühne (US/NL/AUS/DK)


Brandon Choi (trp) Wouter Kühne (drm) Mim Crellin (voc) Morten Duun (g)

Curious jazz with a chaotic and playful touch

Internationally recognised guitarist and composer Morten Duun is known for his ability to combine curiosity with his love of simplicity. With a gentle hand and a playfully chaotic streak, his proclivity for musical exploration invites the listener somewhere they’ve never been before.

It is a marker of Morten’s adventurous nature that he has an extensive history living, working and touring outside of his native home of Aarhus, Denmark. Music has allowed him to call several countries home — notably Germany, France, Australia, and the US, where he completed his master’s degree at New York’s Manhattan School of Music.

With his colourful eclecticism and rigorous attention to detail, Morten has carved a distinctive niche in the global music scene. This is most recently on display on his upcoming debut album ‘Code Breaker’ featuring a tri-continental ensemble of collaborators: Amsterdam’s Wouter Kühne on drums, Australian vocalist Mim Crellin, and New York-based musicians Brandon Choi on trumpet, Matthew Sheens on piano, and special guest vocalist Theo Bleckmann.

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