July 13 - 20 2024

Jacob Anderskov's Emerald (DK) - Photo: Mike Højgaard

Photo: Mike Højgaard

Jacob Anderskov's Emerald (DK)


Lotte Anker (s) Anders Banke (fl) Henriette Groth (vio) Nils Davidsen (b) Peter Bruun (drm) Jacob Anderskov (p)

Concert with Jacob Anderskov - Contrasts, Light and Darkness

Light, shadows, and deep dark color combinations alternate effortlessly in the soundscape of this new studio album from Jacob Anderskov. Not since the internationally influential albums with the Agnostic Revelations quartet have we heard bandleader and composer Anderskov with so much freedom in a medium-sized ensemble, which has been central to his work since the beginning of his career. Compositions and improvisations oscillate between the spectral (in this case, the overtone-oriented, post-human) and the expressive (an embodied, soulful expression based on human experiences).

Based on recordings from the now legendary The Village Studio, they have succeeded in creating a warm, multi-dimensional, saturated yet transparent soundscape. “Emerald” refers to both a color and a gemstone in the title. The compositions are inspired by symmetrical organizational structures from nature, such as those found in starfish, corals, and gemstones. Although the inner symmetry of the music is not immediately audible, the result is an enigmatic subtlety, not unlike our associations with the starfish and coral reefs that humanity is so terrible at looking after.

Having played together on and off for decades, this is the first time the six musicians have recorded in this configuration. While this is the debut album for the band Emerald, it is also Anderskov's record release number 30+. The music on the album will also be released as a sheet music book, The Gemstone Series - 20 Sonic Complexion Miniatures (ILK Publishing).

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