July 13 - 20 2024

AddisAbabaBand (DK) - Photo: HeadQuarters

Photo: HeadQuarters

AddisAbabaBand (DK)


Martin Robert Madsen (drm) Jens Peter Møller (b) Mikkel Govertz (g) Jesper Rasmussen (g) Benjamin Lesak - (org, synth) Preben Kaels (perc, vio) Feike van der Woude (perc) Olaf Brinch (t-sax) Christian Tscherning (trb) Marco Dania (sax, fl) Lasse Enøe (sax) Scott Westh (trp)

AddisAbabaBand - A Cosmic Journey Through Funk and African Rhythms

Enter a world where music turns into an explosive cocktail of rhythmic energy and boundless creativity. Welcome to AddisAbabaBand, a unique and ambitious 12-headed band that has been setting dance floors on fire with their intensely swinging music for over a decade.

AddisAbabaBand is a cosmic vessel fueled by tight beats and collective improvisation. The band takes you on a musical journey where a sharp and tight horn section is supported by a super-swinging bass / guitar / keyboard group, set on a foundation of mesmerizing rhythms. With this line-up, AddisAbabaBand guarantees a party that lasts all night.

Genres like funk, jazz, and hip-hop merge with a variety of African styles like Afrobeat, Highlife, and Ethiojazz. The music ranges from stringent funky tightness to rocking and swaying grooves, frequently with an element of humorous looseness that elevates the music and pushes audiences onto the dance floor. It's a musical experience that appeals to both body and mind, taking the listener on a journey they've never experienced before.

Live performances

AddisAbabaBand is a band that thrives on live situations. Since 2010, this unruly musical bastard of a band has played over 130 concerts - at GrimFest, Aarhus Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Spot Festival, at regional venues around the country, in living rooms, and on tour in Ghana and the Netherlands. Additionally, AddisAbabaBand has released two studio albums, a live album, and an EP. The album “II”, released in 2019, received an award from the Danish Arts Foundation and the band was nominated for the Carl-prisen award in the category “Roots” for the music on the album. In 2018, they could be seen at Roskilde Festival.

AddisAbabaBand is constantly experimenting with new blends of genres and different musical instruments. Audiences can expect to be swept up in the band's infectious energy, and no matter how long the show lasts, people always want more!

Cultural exchange and respect for tradition

AddisAbabaBand is not only a musical collective, it is also a platform for cultural exchange. Over the years, the band has performed with guest musicians from different parts of the world, including Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The band has a deep connection to music communities in these regions. This exchange and respect for different musical traditions has been a source of inspiration, giving the music a unique depth and nuance.

Join this musical journey with AddisAbabaBand and experience their unrivaled energy, where boundaries are blurred and the world turns into a dance floor. A band that not only creates music but also connects cultures and traditions through their passion for music and respect for diversity. Welcome to AddisAbabaBand - where music transcends borders and brings people together in an explosive firework of sound and movement.

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