July 13 - 20 2024

Live Foyn Friis & Morten Haugshøj Project (NO/DK) - Photo: Café Gemmestedet

Photo: Café Gemmestedet

Live Foyn Friis & Morten Haugshøj Project (NO/DK)


Live Foyn Friis (vcl) Morten Haugshøj (g) Andreas Skamby (drm) Jacob Danielsen (sax) Jens Jefsen (b)

Strong Rhythms, Intensity, and Nerve with Live Foyn Friis and Morten Haugshøj Project

This group is led by internationally acclaimed Norwegian singer and award-winning jazz composer Live Foyn Friis. Working with virtuoso jazz guitarist Morten Haugshøj for several years, they have formed this band, which has started a wonderful tradition of playing at Aarhus Jazz Festival almost every year.  

The band draws on great songs and fantastic melodies from both Foyn Friis' own hand and from the jazz back catalog. They play with lots of nerve and intensity with a strong rhythm section featuring legendary bassist Jens Jefsen and drummer Andreas Skamby. Soloists Morten Haugshøj and Gaffelpris winner Jacob Danielsen will hopefully sweeten the deal for the audience as well.

Look forward to a concert with a group you can ONLY experience at Aarhus Jazz Festival with one of the best jazz singers in the Nordic region at the helm. It could end up being a very exciting evening at Cafe Gemmestedet.

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