July 13 - 20 2024

Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra (DK/CU) - Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra (DK/CU)


Raydel Medina (perc), Rune Harder Olesen (perc), Raisa Castro (perc), Lars Møller (cond), Emil Toft Boesen (sax), Marius Bøwadt Jensen (sax), Vincent Tyson (sax), Majse Christine Østergaard Jørgensen (sax), Aske Drasbæk (sax), Christer Gustafsson (trp), Anton Schrøder Hejlesen (trp), Mathilde Schandorf Hald (trp), Maj Berit Guarora (trp), Steen Hansen (trb), Anders Bøwadt Jensen (trb), Emil Okane (trb), Albert Sune Jensen (trb), Thor Madsen (g), Elias Høj (g), Laurits Møller Hvid (p), Yasser Pino (b), Jonas Johansen (drm)

"Havana" - Pros & Talents by Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra

Experience rhythmic fire and elegance as the Afro-Cuban roots of jazz and the creative soloists of Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra meet in an exciting encounter in the concert "Havana", taking place at Aarhus Jazz Festival.

In "Havana", the intensity and deep groove of the authentic Afro-Cuban music tradition meets the exuberance, drama and beautiful sounds of the big band format. Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra invited the amazing Cuban percussionist Raydel Medina and the Danish-Cuban master Rune Harder Olesen to join this special collaboration, featuring new music by Lars Møller and Jesper Riis.

With Pros & Talents, Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra presents a brand new format that combines the country's most experienced jazz musicians with some of the greatest talents of the new generation. Pros & Talents is rooted in a collaboration with the country's professional and youth jazz big bands. 

Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra

Since the mid-1990s, Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra has been at the forefront of the modern big band sound in Denmark and Scandinavia. Featuring some of the best jazz musicians and composers of our time, along with a smooth chamber ensemble sound, the band has created innovative and creative projects. The band has released a wealth of acclaimed and award-winning albums and participated in several international collaborations.

Musikhuset Swings at Aarhus Jazz Festival

True to tradition, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus invite you to Musikhuset Swings at Aarhus Jazz Festival.

Musikhuset Swings takes place from July 12-19 with great jazz performances in and around Musikhuset and in front of KISSA in Musikhusparken from Denmark and abroad. Look forward to lots of great free live jazz, ticketed concerts with sublime jazz names, and lots of good vibes.

Musikhuset Swings is a continuation of Ridehuset Swinger, which Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has organized for more than 30 years, and which moved into Musikhuset in 2022 due to the new construction in front of ARoS.

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Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
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Musikhuset Aarhus

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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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