July 13 - 20 2024

Allen Anjeh - Volume Jazz Village (DK) - Photo: Chantal Azari

Photo: Chantal Azari

Allen Anjeh - Volume Jazz Village (DK)


Allen Anjeh & band

Danceable Vocal Music from a Rising Danish Star

Allen Anjeh tells it like it is. She plays all things R&B, drawing on both her childhood in Cameroon and her teenage years in Denmark to create a unique sound that is entirely her own.

In her early teens, she moved with her mother to Denmark, a move she describes as a huge culture shock. Allen Anjeh had to learn a whole new language and stood out as the only black student at her Danish school. An experience she describes as very mentally draining. On the other hand, music became a free space for Allen Anjeh, who constantly hummed and sang to herself. Through music, she could express her thoughts and feelings. 

On her 2023 EP Ó mmɛ ne', Allen Anjeh proves her artistic potential as an alt R&B artist with a clear pop edge. At the same time, the album is a celebration of culture and the people that matter to Allen Anjeh - and a rebellion against the Global North's stigmatizing narratives and perceptions of the African continent.


Volume Jazz Village is a new initiative at the jazz festival where Aarhus Jazz Festival and Volume Village present a great music program centered around jazz, fused with urban genres such as electropop, afro, hip hop, and reggae on Saturday, 20 July. Experience Allen Anjeh, Sunbörn, Left Up Right and Pladedamen in a fantastic setting on stage at Volume Village. One ticket gives you access to an afternoon and evening of concerts, DJ, and afterparty. Doors open at 4 pm and the jazz party continues into the summer night...

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Aarhus Jazz Festival
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Aarhus Volume
Cover charge 150 DKK
Partoutbillet Volume Jazz Village: 150 kr. (koncerter, DJ, efterfest). Billet efterfest: 60 kr. Døre til hele arrangementet åbner kl. 16.

Aarhus Jazz Festival

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3

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