July 13 - 20 2024

Kalpi (DK) - Photo: fairbar

Photo: fairbar

Kalpi (DK)


Lasse Hee (G), Emil Als (b), Thomas Pilkington (drm)

Offbeat Rhythms and Modern Jazz

Kalpi is a new Aarhus-based trio whose original compositions are created from a shared love of modern jazz, improvisation, blended sounds, and off-kilter rhythms. Through playful motifs and harmonies, the musicians push the boundaries of the genre while maintaining a recognizable, warm, and melancholic sound.

Kalpi believes it's important for the music to live. Even though the songs are well-composed, the music is created for live performances where the interplay between the musicians creates a new experience every time.

Struck with COVID-19, the musicians went into isolation on an abandoned farm in West Zealand. This is where they took the first steps towards the project that would later become Kalpi. Winter melancholy, rural idyllization, and fever dreams set the stage for Kalpi's sound. Since then, many hours have been spent in the rehearsal room in Aarhus, where the trio is based. 

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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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