Jazz- og poesiværksted feat. Dicte & Søren Kjærgaard (DK)


Jazz- og poesiværksted feat. Dicte & Søren Kjærgaard (DK)

Dicte (voc), Søren Kjærgaard (p, comp.), Jesper Mechlenburg (moderator), Kati Brien and Cesar Joaniquet (sax), Lars Søberg (trp), Tobias Stavngaard (trb), Nikolaj Bugge (g), Lil Lacy (vc)

Enter the engine room ...

What happens when established jazz musician, composer, and arranger Søren Kjærgaard is presented with a number of lyrics and challenged to arrange and compose the music in a collaboration with moderator Jesper Mechlenburg, six musicians from Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, and singer Dicte?

What happens when the challenge takes place in front of an audience, and when the musicians have an hour and a half to come up with music for a poem, which will be performed in front of a live audience?

Can this exercise change the artists' creative processes and help open up a new artistic (de)tour?

For many years, pianist Søren Kjærgaard has been a well-known face on the Danish jazz scene and has won several awards for his music.

Dicte is one of the country's most charismatic singers. She broke through with the band Her Personal Pain, then launched a successful career, and recently released the album All Good As It Is.

The band on stage also consists of six professional jazz musicians from Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

The moderator of the jazz and poetry workshop, Jesper Mechlenburg, composes and produces music for TV, film, and theater.

The concert is presented in a collaboration with Aarhus Jazz Festival, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, LiteratureXchange, and the Danish Authors' Society in Aarhus.





10/07/2021 14:00 - 16:00

Cover charge Kr. 140
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Vester Allé 15
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazz Festival
(+45) 28 60 47 91
LiteratureXchange, Dansk Forfatterforening i Aarhus. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra


Jazz & Words
  • Jazz- og poesiværksted feat. Dicte & Søren Kjærgaard - Photo: Christian FriisFoto: Christian Friis
  • Jazz- og poesiværksted feat. Dicte & Søren Kjærgaard - Photo: Mike HøjgaardFoto: Mike Højgaard
  • Jazz- og poesiværksted feat. Dicte & Søren Kjærgaard - Photo: Søren KjærgaardFoto: Søren Kjærgaard