Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert (DK/US)
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Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Foto: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert (DK/US)

Ned Ferm (sax), Esben Tjalve (p), Adrian Christensen (b), Frederik Bülow (drm)

Jazz evening with concert and award ceremony

In 2020, Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar (jazz and beer bar) was chosen as the winner of the Aarhus Jazz Talent Award. Due to Covid-19, the award ceremony and winning performance have been moved to this year's jazz festival. Here, we can finally celebrate the award winners, who in addition to the honor and a cash prize of DKK 10,000, have been given the opportunity to curate this evening's concert.

Instead, we have asked some of our best friends to act as musical stand-ins. The four of them are characterized by their enormous musical curiosity and flexibility. They are strong personal voices that shine through no matter what context they unfold in, moving effortlessly and authentically across genre scales and conventions. In other words, they represent a kind of pointed formulation of what we at Erling's think is significant and lively in jazz, and we are honored that they will participate in the award ceremony, say Casper Søgaard and Alex Bossen on behalf of Erling's jazz and beer bar.

As part of the hand-picked band, you can hear saxophonist Ned Ferm, who, having been based in Copenhagen for many years, has left his mark on the jazz scene with his own releases and in a sea of ​​different bands. In the rhythm group, we find pianist Esben Tjalve (Red Kite) and bass-drummer team Adrian Christensen and Frederik Bülow, who play together in several bands, including Abekejser. This is the first time the musicians get together in this particular constellation, so concertgoers can look forward to a very special jazz experience.

The jury's motivation for the awards is as follows:

Erling's Jazz- & Ølbar has over a short period managed to build a venue that focuses on presenting jazz music and has become an important part of the Aarhus jazz scene for both musicians and audiences. (…) The young team behind Erling's has managed to create a basis for a new type of jazz audience in Aarhus! It's cool, it's incredibly well done, it requires recognition and an award, a talent award, which the jury behind the award unanimously decides. Right now, we really need to celebrate these spaces where live music can unfold, where audiences and musicians meet each other, and art and dynamic culture is tested, experienced, and enjoyed.

Read the full motivation (in Danish) here

This is the third time that Aarhus Jazz Festival awards the Aarhus Jazz Talent prize. It is given to a person or an initiative that has made an extraordinary mark and has shown special talent in its work with jazz music in Aarhus.

The prize of DKK 10,000 is sponsored by the Aarhuus Stiftstidende foundation. In addition, the prize winner will receive a diploma and a statuette made by the ceramicist Marianne Røgild.

Members of the jury are Mads Kjær Jensen, chairman of the Aarhus Jazz Festival's board. Niels Overgaard, editor of the jazz blog JazzNyt. Daniel Sommer, musician and organizer. Andreo Michaelo Mielczarek, writer and music critic. Gorm Askjær, Aarhus Jazz Festival's secretariat & musician.

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Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert (DK/US)


Cover charge 140 DKK

Billetter sælges kun i forsalg. Dørsalg fra kl. 19.15 på egen mobil. Coronapas eller gyldig Covid-19-test skal forevises. Covid-19-restriktioner overholdes. Begrænset antal pladser.


Vester Allé 15
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazz Festival
(+45) 28 60 47 91
Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert (DK/US)


Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Aarhus Jazz FestivalFoto: Aarhus Jazz Festival
Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Esta FroschFoto: Esta Frosch
Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Erlings Jazz- og ØlbarFoto: Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar
Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Erlings Jazz- og ØlbarFoto: Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar
Erlings Jazztalentpriskoncert - Photo: Erlings Jazz- og ØlbarFoto: Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar