ToneArt præsenterer TID/RUM (DK)

Karsten Vogel (s-sax, a-sax), Pernille Bévort (t-sax, b-cl), Emil Hess (s-sax, t-sax, cl, b-cl), Kim Kristensen (p, synth), Olga Witte (church org), Anne Mette Iversen (b)

Experimental jazz in the church room

Six musicians and composers from the composers' association ToneArt have written new music for this concert in St. Luke's Church. The six composers explore the church room and organ as part of an experimental jazz ensemble.

The musicians occupy the large church space and include the aspect of time in the music, e.g. the sonic delay between musicians, as well as between musicians and audience.

The time aspect of the compositions also affects the spatial aspect as the musicians move around the room during the concert. The delay between the individual musicians thus changes over time, which changes the dynamics in different places in the room.

The mutual impact of time and space will become clear in the music's underlying ideas and in the audience's experience.


15/07/2021 17:00 - 18:00

Cover charge Kr. 100
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Skt. Lukas Kirke
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  • ToneArt præsenterer TID/RUM - Photo: Iben Maria PanumFoto: Iben Maria Panum
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