Coudoux/Pi/Thomsen (DE/DK)

Elisabeth Coudoux (vc, electronics), Asger Thomsen (b, objects), Nana Pi (sax, objects)

Bold risks and dynamic interactions

Look forward to experiencing a magical encounter between three of Northern Europe's strongest improv acts. Coudoux/Pi/Thomsen is the sound of daring risks and dynamic interaction. With chamber music-like instrumentation and a desire to push acoustic sound to its extreme, this trio is a feast for open ears.

Elisabeth Coudoux is very interested in improvised music. To her, it represents a dialogue with intuitive and compositional ideas together with artists and musicians from the first moment. Elisabeth Coudoux released her solo album Some Poems in 2016. In the words of Kevin Whitehead ... she displays her own clear voice on cello.

Elisabeth Coudoux is the leader of Emiszatett, part of Zeitkratzer, and has played international concerts for more than 15 years.

Asger Thomsen is a bassist and composer living in Copenhagen. His musical work often falls into the category of free improvisation and free jazz. His style is characterized by a physical, detail-oriented approach and a wide range of sounds – often incorporating unconventional techniques. He leads or co-leads projects such as Autolysis, The Moms, Perfect Volume, and Our Hearts as Thieves. In addition, he has his own solo project.

Nana Pi is a Copenhagen-based saxophonist, composer, and conductor who mainly works on the experimental jazz scene. She has an original sound through the use of objects and advanced techniques. Nanna Pi has developed the musical sign language Extemporize, which she uses in various constellations, but primarily as a conductor in the orchestra Extemporize Orchestra. She is part of the music collective and record company Barefoot Records and plays in bands such as Jesper Zeuthen's Store Claus, Nezelhorns, Hey Nana, I’m Halym and Coriolis.

The concert marks the start of the three-day improv festival SHARE, which The Community, Sun Ship, and Knud's Kiosk present. After the concert, there will be improjam good times.

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14/07/2021 20:00 - 23:00

Cover charge Kr. 80
Voksen: 80 kr. Medlem af Sun Ship 50 kr.


Knud’s Kiosk, Jægergårdsgade
Jægergaardsgade 156 S
8000 Aarhus


Sun Ship
(+45) 40 55 61 23
The Community og Knud's Kiosk


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