5 x Vuust (DK)

Clara Vuust (voc), Christian Vuust (sax), Frederik Vuust (p), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

A big jazz family reunion – with Paul Simon on the program

The surname Vuust is often associated with some of the best that Denmark can offer in terms of jazz, and now it is possible to experience a concert with five them.

Singer Clara Vuust has released three albums, most recently Before You Walk Away in 2018, which was made in collaboration with the Italian composer Francesco Calí.

Saxophonist Christian Vuust is known, among other things, for his in-depth work with the Nordic tone in his music.

Bassist Peter Vuust is, in addition to being a greatly revered musician known for his groovy and melodic solo playing, Denmark's leading researcher in the music's impact on the brain.

Finally, there are Peter's extremely talented sons Frederik Vuust (piano, vocals) and Mikkel Vuust (drums).

Together, the 5 x Vuust have been featured on more than 140 records and performed in a sea of ​​musical contexts. Now, they unite for a unique concert experience, where they will interpret Paul Simon's beautiful tunes.

All in all, a swinging and exciting family reunion is planned at Salling ROOFTOP.


10/07/2021 13:00 - 15:00

Cover charge FREE


(+45) 87 78 60 00


  • 5 x Vuust - Photo: Salling ROOFTOPFoto: Salling ROOFTOP