Kemaca Kinetic + Jam (DK)

Casper Hejlesen (g), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (b), Matias Fischer (drm)

New trio researches music's DNA flesh and blood

During his decades-long career of playing all over the globe and connecting with musicians from most jazz scenes out there, bassist and composer Kenneth Dahl Knudsen has explored sounds from large ensembles, including big bands, traditional music, and classical music. So why start a new trio?

As a music researcher at the Royal Danish Conservatory, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen has devoted his last four years to studying the intersection of ancient folk music and modern mathematics. Within these unmelted glaciers, there is a way to develop the language of jazz.

But research and theory about musical DNA is one thing – it is something else to make the musical mammoth come alive – roaring and wild. That is precisely why Kenneth Dahl Knudsen has chosen to join forces with the two young prodigies from the Danish jazz scene: the hip-hop drum machine Matias Fischer and the guitar phenomenon Casper Hejlesen. Now they are only missing one final component: you, the listener! Do you want to be there when Kemaca Kinetic explores the limits of rhythm?

Jam session
After the concert, the band invites you to a jam session at fairbar. The boys are a fixture at Aalborg's new jazz club El Mundo, where over the past two years they have built up a young and loyal audience among Aalborg's students and international residents. A really good opportunity to build a network and bridge to the North Jutland jazz scene.


15/07/2021 19:30 - 21:30

Cover charge FREE


Klostertorvet 6
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 60 19 94 77
Tricksters Inc.


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