Dexterity – Portrætkoncert (DK)
Dexterity – Portrætkoncert - Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Foto: Piano Værkstedet

Dexterity – Portrætkoncert (DK)

Cesar Joaniquet (t-sax), Morten Haugshøj (g), Jens Jefsen (b), Jesper Bo Knudsen (drm)

Dexterity - tribute to a jazz legend

Four Danish jazz profiles take you on a musical stroll with Dexter Gordon's most popular songs as well as stories about the colorful artist and his intense and deeply original saxophone playing.

Dexter Gordon was a trendsetter and storyteller on the saxophone. His playful and imaginative style has influenced generations of saxophonists from the bebop of the 40s to the present day.

During his stay in Copenhagen from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, Dexter Gordon also played a very special role in the development of Danish jazz.

Jens Jefsen, who delivers the swinging bass lines in Dexterity, regularly played with Dexter Gordon as a young man and will tell entertaining first-hand anecdotes as part of the concert.

All in all, the audience is taken on an entertaining musical and anecdotal journey into Dexter Gordon's exciting universe.

For the concert at the Piano Academy, Cesar Joaniquet will be playing the saxophone.


In 2021, Tricksters Inc. present a portrait concert series with several new, exciting, and ambitious projects. As an audience member, you can expect a great and solid concert experience, where music, lyrics, light projections, and live visuals bring help to bring you closer to artists who have meant something special. With music at the forefront, featuring some incredibly strong groups, you are invited to a sensory bombardment of an experience. During Aarhus Jazz Festival, you can experience Zetterlund Tribute, Amy Winehouse Tribute, and Dexterity, as well as the story of The Jazz Crooner.

Læs mere om Dexterity – Portrætkoncert

Læs mere om Dexterity – Portrætkoncert

Dexterity – Portrætkoncert (DK)


Cover charge 100 DKK


Grønnegade 61B
8000 Aarhus


Piano Værkstedet
(+45) 86 12 26 25
Tricksters Inc.
Dexterity – Portrætkoncert (DK)


Dexterity – Portrætkoncert - Photo: Piano VærkstedetFoto: Piano Værkstedet