Outer Poles (DK/IT)
Outer Poles - Photo: VinDanmark

Foto: VinDanmark

Outer Poles (DK/IT)

Jens Christian Kwella (g), Marco Zammuto (b), Matias Fischer (drm)
At VinDanmark feat. Johan Toftegaard (sax)

Ensemble, interaction, and musical joy front and center

In this unique constellation, guitarist Jens Christian Kwella has brought together two talented young musicians from their respective outer poles of Europe.

Bassist Marco Zammuto is from Sicily, and drummer Matias Fischer is from Aalborg. Although they are from different ends of Europe, they share a common understanding of music and a virtuosic mastery of their instruments.

Outer Poles' repertoire consists of Jens Christian Kwella's compositions, which range from simple and groovy tunes to complex rhythmic and harmonic compositions. The common denominators are ensemble, interaction, and musical joy, and the trio guarantees a captivating experience.

Kwella has released seven albums. Reviewers have written, among other things:

Jens Christian Kwella masters a fit and richly faceted game, and his compositions reflect a musician with a sense of both the big picture and the detail.

Jens Christian Kwella works as an associate professor of guitar at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, and also frequents Scandinavia, Italy, and South Africa.

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Outer Poles (DK/IT)


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Outer Poles (DK/IT)


Outer Poles - Photo: VinDanmarkFoto: VinDanmark