Peter Vuust Quartet feat. Veronica Mortensen (DK)


Peter Vuust Quartet feat. Veronica Mortensen (DK)

Veronica Mortensen (voc), Mads Bærentzen (p), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Vocal jazz led by one of our best jazz singers

Peter Vuust is a unique combination of a deeply respected musician and a world-class brain researcher in the field of Music in the Brain. He is known for his groovy and responsive backing as well as extremely melodic solos. In addition, he has released six albums as a composer and bass player.

He brings the irresistible and laser-focused Veronica Mortensen – one of our best singers – who has a warm and straightforward approach to jazz. The voice is effortless and relaxed, and she possesses a unique stage presence.

The collaboration between the Peter Vuust Quartet and Veronica Mortensen has resulted in many concerts over the years as well as the release of three CDs. One of which, September Songs (2013), was nominated for a DMA in the category Danish Vocal Jazz of the Year.

On the latest album Leaves of Love from Fall 2017, Peter Vuust has once again provided music for the lyrics of Norwegian poet Roy-Frode Løvland.

This evening, Peter Vuust and Veronica Mortensen will be performing with the talented drummer Mikkel Vuust, who is Peter's son, and pianist Mads Bærentzen, who is known for his modern interpretation of a number of Carl Nielsen songs.


11/07/2021 15:00 - 17:00

Cover charge Kr. 175


Tir Na Nóg
Frederiksgade 40
8000 Aarhus


Tir Na Nóg
(+45) 86 19 19 10

  • Peter Vuust Quartet feat. Veronica Mortensen - Photo: Tir Na NógFoto: Tir Na Nóg