Karmen–Kwella–Madsen (EE/DK)
Karmen–Kwella–Madsen - Photo: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Foto: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Karmen–Kwella–Madsen (EE/DK)

Karmen Röivasepp (voc), Jens Christian Kwella (g), Jens Mikkel Madsen (b)

Evergreens, jazz, and Bossa nova

Karmen-Kwella-Madsen consists of singer Karmen Röivasepp, guitarist Jens Christian Kwella, and bass player Jens Mikkel Madsen. Most of the repertoire stems from The Great American Songbook, consisting of evergreens, jazz, and Bossa nova.

With their unique blend of intense vocals, beautiful guitar, and solid bass, the three musicians deliver an excellent, evocative experience.

The award-winning singer Karmon Röivasepp is from Estonia but has lived in Denmark for the past few years. In 2018, she received Aarhus Jazz Festival's award Aarhus Jazz Talent and has since performed with the likes of DR Big Band and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. One critic wrote:

The bandleader’s vocals are striking in their purity, her range and her pitching impressive. And she’s harmonically inventive when decorating melodies with intricate, scat-sung phrases. [...].
Thomas Rees, Downbeat Magazine (2018).

For more than 25 years, Jens Christian Kwella has been an essential part of the Aarhus jazz scene and has released six critically acclaimed albums. Critics have said:

Jens Christian Kwella masters a fit, rich, and faceted style, and his compositions are indicative of a musician with a sense of the big picture and small detail.

Bass player Jens Mikkel Madsen is a prominent figure on the Danish jazz scene and has been featured on more than 35 records at home and abroad. He has been awarded the JazznytPrisen , Young Nordic Jazz Comets soloist award, and second place in Young Jazz Composer of the Year in 2018. He usually plays the bass in bands such as Kasper Staub Trio, Alex Jønssøn Trio, Live Foyn Friis, and I Think You're Awesome.

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Karmen–Kwella–Madsen (EE/DK)


Cover charge 350 DKK

Inklusive brunch i restauranten på 8 sal.
Brunch: Surdejsbolle med smør og dansk gårdost. Hjemmelavet marmelade. Skyr med havregranola og æblekompot. Økoæg og bacon fra Troldgaarden. Lidt sødt. Friskbrygget alm. kaffe eller te. Et glas bobler eller saft ved ankomst.

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Karmen–Kwella–Madsen (EE/DK)


Karmen–Kwella–Madsen - Photo: ARoS Aarhus KunstmuseumFoto: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum