Glen Montanaro's Xhud (MT/CZ/DK)


Glen Montanaro's Xhud (MT/CZ/DK)

Glen Montanaro (g), Jan Sedlák (b), Anders Bak Julsgaard (drm), Slavomir Shepherd (visual artist)

Music interacting with visuals and the listeners

Xhud is the title for a new band by Aalborg-based guitarist and composer Glen Montanaro featuring Jan Sedlák on double bass, Anders Bak Julsgaard on drums and Slavomir Shepherd as a visual artist.

Xhud is taken from the Maltese language, meaning – observer or witness. The concept is to shift the spotlight away from the musicians and put it on the listeners and how they interact with the music. 

The music has evolved over the past four years, and is inspired by the interaction between emotions and the surrounding space. This is presented in the company of live visuals drawn to the music. The sound borrows elements from ambient in fusion with jazz and heavier kinds of music.

The band is currently recording a live studio music video with projected visuals.

Koncerten præsenteres af Tricksters Inc. og JAZZ9TUS i samarbejde med Aarhus Klaverakademi.


14/07/2021 19:30 - 21:30

Cover charge Kr. 50


Grønnegade 61B
8000 Aarhus


Piano Værkstedet
(+45) 86 12 26 25
Tricksters Inc.


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