Human Being Human (DK)
Human Being Human - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)

Foto: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)

Human Being Human (DK)

Esben Tjalve (p, synth), Torben Bjørnskov (b), Frederik Bülow (drm)

Music that explores and challenges the acoustic jazz trio

Human Being Human has already been around the world with their music and played with a large number of acclaimed international artists.

Human Being Human consists of three musicians who sonically explore and challenge the acoustic jazz trio. With elements of electronica and ambient soundscapes, the trio's universe and potential is expanded in a way that otherwise only much larger ensembles are capable of.

Human Being Human has a lot to offer as a trio, both musically and compositionally. The cornerstone is the ensemble between three musicians who come from different backgrounds:

Torben Bjørnskov has deep roots in the melodic Nordic sounds as well as jazz through a long collaboration with American and English musicians.

Esben Tjalve has a number of years in the London music scene behind him.

And Frederik Bülow has strong roots in the new wave of jazztronica and odd meter-based music.

Music is the voice of the time. The compositions are based on many humane, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual thoughts. The music is largely an answer to how we hear jazz in 2021, but also a commentary on many of the current trends and new world orders.

Human Being Human will soon release their first studio album Naked and is – albeit newly formed – already extremely seasoned and ready to encounter audiences across the nation's venues

Human Being Human (DK)


Cover charge 100 DKK

Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar

Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
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Human Being Human (DK)


Human Being Human - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)Foto: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)
Human Being Human - Photo: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)Foto: Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar (174)