Familiefortællinger (DK/SYR)
Familiefortællinger - Photo: Bazarjazz

Foto: Bazarjazz

Familiefortællinger (DK/SYR)

Maher Mahmoud (oud), Salam Susu (harp), Mahasen Ajundi and Rie Nørgaard (storytelling)

Danish and Arabic fairy tales accompanied by music

Familiefortællinger is one Danish and two Arabic fairy tales, which are read aloud in both Danish and Arabic by actor Rie Nørgaard and writer Mahasen Ajundi.

H.C. Andersen's The Tinderbox is joined by two well-known Arab folk tales, the Wolf and the Lamb and An Hour of Your Time. The stories are accompanied by music by Maher Mahmoud on oud and Salam Susu on harp.

Children and their parents are invited to use their imaginations to join these stories, which for many years have inspired people all over the globe. Bring the whole family, and let yourselves be carried away by the pictures that dance around with the story and the music.

Rie Nørgaard and Mahasen Ajundi are both experienced communicators who captivate their audiences, large and small.

Familiefortællinger (DK/SYR)


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Familiefortællinger (DK/SYR)


Familiefortællinger - Photo: BazarjazzFoto: Bazarjazz