Lyden af byen i verden (DK/IR/SY)

Camilla Dayyani (voc), Walat Xash (voc, saz), Scott Westh (trp), Esben Tjalve (p), Jens Jefsen (b), Ulrik Bisgaard (drm), Søren Ipland (labtop)

Concert for the adventurous

What happens when you put a Kurdish saz player and a Danish-Iranian singer in a performance with a sound artist and a jazz quartet? The answer is that you get the sound of the ethnic and diverse Aarhus.

This concert avoids simple genre definitions and offers a wonderful mix of music from Kurdistan, Iran, and of course Denmark. You will experience a very special mix of world music, jazz, and electronics.

Singer Camilla Dayyani and pianist Esben Tjalve have composed music for a number of soundscapes created by sound artist Søren Ipland. These Soundscapes mix human voices, city sounds, and nature as well as the sound of Middle Eastern culture in Denmark.

The participants are seven established musicians from the Danish jazz and folk music scenes.


12/07/2021 19:30 - 20:30

Cover charge Kr. 100


Gellerupscenen/Gellerup Art Factory
Gudrunsvej 78
8220 Brabrand


(+45) 22 87 16 04


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