July 8 - 15 2023
Miss Engholm & Mr Verdoner - fint skal det være, eller ...? (DK) - Photo: Hantwerk

Photo: Hantwerk

Miss Engholm & Mr Verdoner - fint skal det være, eller ...? (DK)


Eline Engholm (voc), Kristoffer Gori Verdoner (g), TBA (b), TBA (drm)

Miss Engholm & Mr. Verdoner - keeping up appearances, or...?

We would like to invite you on a musical journey with beautiful and whimsical jazz standards. We have to keep up appearances, but ...!

We also need something dirty and gritty to go with it. We need to get back to the roots and the blues. It's Saturday in the jazz week – so it must be fancy, right...?

Kristoffer Gori Verdoner is an active guitarist and composer who has performed at several jazz festivals around the country, often with his own compositions. In May 2015, he released his debut album Frigga Feetless & Friends, which is a blend of Nordic, Estonian, and American jazz styles. In 2021, he will record his second album.

Eline Engholm has an RMB master's degree from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus / Aalborg, through which she explored Cuban and African styles. It has given her a rhythmic understanding and command, which also carries over to her role as a  jazz singer. Eline Egholm is also a singer and frontwoman in Baby Did A Bad Thing. In 2020, the band released their debut album, which received wild praise in GAFFA. Thus, in addition to jazz, genres such as Americana, folk, country, and roots are also a big part of Eline Egholm's musical expression.

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