Caktus (DK)

Maria Dybbroe and Zeki Jindyl (a-sax), Thorbjørn Kaas (vc, b), Frederik Hagner (b), Tobias Andreassen (drm)

Experiments and improvisation on a base of tight compositions

Caktus' music lies between the fragile and the strong – the beautiful and the violent – chamber music and grooves.

Caktus is close to being a double trio, with two basses and two saxes. This ensemble and mirroring make it obvious how themes are equally mirrored, turned, twisted, and challenged.

The band's debut album Under Solen was released on Barefoot Records in September 2020 and has received many praises along the way, including a Steppeulv nomination for Composer of the Year, and a place on both Passive/Aggressive’s and Dagbladet Information's annual list of the 20 best Danish releases in 2020.

They focus on the acoustic sound and the desire to experiment and improvise in and out of the otherwise tight compositions.

The band originates from Aarhus in a distinct band scene that spans genres with musicians known from bands such as Yune, Køs, The New Family, Bear With Me, Narcosatanicos, Josiah Konder, and I Just Came From the Moon.


12/07/2021 20:00 - 22:00

Cover charge Kr. 125
Billetter sælges kun i forsalg, intet dørsalg.
Dørene åbnes kl. 19.00.


Skovgaardsgade 3
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 30 27 61 67

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