Sebastian Zawadzki Trio (PL/DK/IT)


Sebastian Zawadzki Trio (PL/DK/IT)

Sebastian Zawadzki (p), Niels Wilhelm Knudsen (b), Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia (drm)

Between modern composition music and Nordic jazz

Sebastian Zawadzki Trio recently released the CD Better Light. The work on the album has been an exciting and evolving journey for the three musicians, who have all been transformed by the process of composing, arranging, and learning the music.

The trio's music is somewhere between modern compositional music and Nordic jazz. Tightly composed part and open improvised sections alternate in a melodic and melancholic expression. The music is partly written by Sebastian Zawadzki and partly improvised together.

The three musicians have exceptionally good chemistry and responsiveness as well as a high technical skill level. This has helped to make their concerts and the recording of the debut album exciting, lively and relevant.

  • Sebastian Zawadzki Trio - Photo: HantwerkFoto: Hantwerk