Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo (FR)
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Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo - Photo: L. Poiget

Foto: L. Poiget

Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo (FR)

Marc Ducret (g)

New compositions with a literary foundation

Erling's Jazz & Ølbar and Radar has invited the French composer and guitarist Marc Ducret for a residency during Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021.

There will be some literary elements as Marc Ducret has composed and compiled new music based on poems by Robert Frost for this occasion.

Marc Ducret will be premiering the music titled SHOUT during a concert series with several danish bands at venues of different sizes throughout Aarhus.

In line with Marc Ducret's liquid compositional style, his music will be delivered through widely different performance paradigms with n eclectic constellation of musicians.

Marc Ducret talks about project SHOUT

It could be called "songs, at last !" – Like so many musicians of my generation, I grew up to the sound of those pop tunes and still listen to them over and over again. So I finally decided to write a bunch of songs; Robert Frost’s poems seemed to carry the mood I needed: neither too abstract not too lyrical, and meanwhile filled with the sense of life’s precious moments, to be enjoyed before they vanish.

Using the song form for the first time, I’m not trying to invent anything new; on the contrary, I’m trying to mix together all the voices which have been ringing in my ears ever since I was a kid – and just as I felt back then, to enjoy the sound it makes.

Especially for this Danish version we will unfold the project in different formats: solo, trio, quintet and nonet.

Marc Ducret's residency intends to facilitate strong collaboration between a significant international profile and a number of the most exciting and ambitious Danish musicians, to build a bridge between the "classical" and the "rhythmic" music, and to erase the increasingly arbitrary divide between them.

Marc Ducret's music is a masterful example of how modern music contains both demanding and innovative improvisational composition in symbiosis with complex and conceptual score music, which makes it possible to remove the distinction between the "classical" and the "rhythmic".

For the past 30 years, Marc Ducret has been in high demand both as a solo artist and sideman with Tim Berne, Jim Black, Bobby Previte, and many others.

As a composer, Marc Ducret is on the cutting edge of the avant-garde. In the last decade, he has pioneered work in the intersection of improvised music and modern composition. Best exemplified by his Tower quadrilogy from 2011. An extensive compositional project for four different ensembles, which attempted to translate a series of Vladimir Nabokov's literary works into compositional and improvisational guidelines in a holistic musical language.

Marc Ducret's residency at Aarhus Jazz Festival offers the following performances and constellations:

July 11
Solo Concert at Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar.
Marc Ducret.

July 12
Trio Concert at Erlings Jazz- og Ølbar.
Marc Ducret, Kasper Tranberg, Peter Bruun.

July 13
Quintet Concert at Radar.
Marc Ducret, Kasper Tranberg, Peter Bruun, Anders Banke, Nils Bo Davidsen.

July 14
Kvintet + Århus Sinfonietta at Radar.

The Solo Concert at Erlings Øl- & Jazzbar is the first part of a Double Concert. Windfeld/Mockunas plays later in the evening. 


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Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo (FR)


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Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo (FR)


Marc Ducret SHOUT - Solo - Photo: L. PoigetFoto: L. Poiget