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Arosia - Photo: Pressefoto

Foto: Pressefoto


Botha Christensen (trb, voc, cond), Per Vindum (trp, flh, voc), Ole Sørensen (cl, voc), Bjørn Andersen (p), Jesper Carlsen (b), Frank Pedersen (drm, voc)

Hot jazz for all functions - through 63 years

In the early sixties, a group of young Aarhusians played the hot jazz of the time on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, in fierce competition with, among others, four other young lads from Liverpool. Arosia is still going on their 63rd year, while The Beatles gave up many years ago.

The willingness to deliver Hot jazz for all Functions means that we can happily present the Aarhus Jazz City Orchestra in 2021 – this time in new surroundings at CasaV58.

Over time, almost all positions have been replaced, but the basic product is still humorous, quality jazz under the direction of trumpet player Botha Christensen and presented by the always energetic sprechstallmeister, trumpeter Per Vindum.

A concert with Arosia in the tent on Paradisgade is probably the closest you can get to reliving the good old days in the Bubble on Bispetorvet. The history of the street has a lot in common with Reeperbahn, so the circle is complete in the most beautiful way!

Læs mere om Arosia

Læs mere om Arosia

Arosia (DK)


Cover charge 80 DKK

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Publikumsantal efter gældende regler, p.t. 100.


Vestergade 58
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazzklub
(+45) 28 26 90 87
Arosia (DK)


Arosia - Photo: PressefotoFoto: Pressefoto