Paul Harrison Band (DK/UK)
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Paul Harrison Band - Photo: Jørgen Nielsen

Foto: Jørgen Nielsen

Paul Harrison Band (DK/UK)

Paul Harrison (cl, s-sax, a-sax), Lea Nielsen (trb, voc), Søren Stausbøl (p, voc), Asger Søgaard (g, bj, voc), Peter Williams (b), Mikkel Find (drm)

Energetic full-blooded jazz

Paul Harrison dishes up an extremely successful band and a strong musical concept. His crews include eminent Danish and international acts with regulars and returning guests who are associated with the band.

The English conductor quickly emerged as a top name when he took over Denmark with his clarinet and saxophone in 1998 and made energetic full-blooded jazz the headline. Ever since, his music has resonated everywhere, with an impressive number of annual concerts.

High musical quality and outgoing stage performances are Paul Harrison's trademarks. He operates extremely efficiently with his dynamic, which unites constant renewal with the familar. Everything from captivating up-tempo songs to beautiful ballads will be served in close interaction with tight arrangements and solo performances from the whole grop.

The repertoire is broad and catchy as traditional classics are mixed with many atypical tunes for the genre. It is all packaged in great variations of the rhythmic styles of jazz: revival, Swing, Ragtime, Traditional, Dixieland, New Orleans, Spirituals, Blues, Gipsy, etc.

For over two decades, Paul Harrison Band has been a major supplier of international-grade jazz with a professional, committed, and humorous team of talented and popular musicians who sync with audiences and each other.

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Paul Harrison Band (DK/UK)


Cover charge 80 DKK

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Publikumsantal efter gældende regler, p.t. 100.


Vestergade 58
8000 Aarhus


Aarhus Jazzklub
(+45) 28 26 90 87
Paul Harrison Band (DK/UK)


Paul Harrison Band - Photo: Jørgen NielsenFoto: Jørgen Nielsen