Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Søren Kjærgaard (DK/US)


Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Søren Kjærgaard (DK/US)

Søren Kjærgaard (p), Ned Ferm (sax), Anders AC Christensen (b), Kresten Osgood (drm)

Renowned pianist backed by an impressive trio

Søren Kjærgaard is a pianist based in Copenhagen, whose work as a composer and improviser ranges widely: solo performances, transatlantic collaborations with musicians such as Andrew Cyrille, Billy Hart, and Thomas Morgan, duo collaborations with the prolific Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen, and as part of the Danish-Norwegian trio Living Room, which also includes the Norwegians Torben Snekkestad (saxophone etc.) and Thomas Strønen (drums).

This has led to international touring and a number of critically acclaimed albums, with the four trio albums Optics, Open Opus, Femklang and Syvmileskridt with bassist Ben Street and drummer Andrew Cyrille appearing as original versions of the classic piano trio format.

Among many others, Søren Kjærgaard has performed with Thomasz Stanko, Paul Lovens, John Edwards, Fred Frith, Koichi Makigami, Tim Berne, Stephen Bernstein, Jim Black, Jakob Bro, and Kresten Osgood.

This evening, he will be backed by a tight-knit trio with just Kresten Osgood (drums) and two other musicians from the pinnacle of Danish jazz – Ned Ferm (saxophone) and Anders AC Christensen (bass).


15/07/2021 20:00 - 22:00

Cover charge Kr. 99


Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
Nørreport 8
8000 Aarhus C


Erlings Jazz- & Ølbar
(+45) 28517962


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