Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg (DK/US)
Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg (DK/US) jazzlive reportage Read concert review
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Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg - Photo: Karolina Zapolska

Foto: Karolina Zapolska

Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg (DK/US)

Kasper Tranberg (trp), Ned Ferm (sax), Anders Christensen (b), Kresten Osgood (drm)

An important profile in Danish contemporary jazz – backed by a strong trio

For more than two decades, trumpeter and composer Kasper Tranberg has been a remarkable artist on domestic and international music scenes. His extensive CV testifies to a diligent and open approach to music with appearances in several constellations, where his sincere style has attracted attention.

From his base in Copenhagen, Kasper Tranberg is a member of bands based in Paris, Tokyo, and Cologne. He has toured all over the world and released 11 albums in Denmark and Japan. Kasper Tranberg, who in March 2019 received the Ben Webster-prisen award, has most recently made a strong impression with solo concerts in Denmark, Europe, and Japan and has been described as a unifying force and as one of the most important profiles in Danish contemporary jazz.

Together with the group When Granny Sleeps, Tranberg presented a new fresh and outgoing style in Denmark in the 1990s. This resulted in three successful releases, including with ex-Miles Davis saxophonist David Liebman, as well as concerts in Europe and at the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival in New York.

Kasper Tranberg also founded the avant-garde stadium jazz group Bugpowder with Laust Sonne, Mads Hyhne, and Jonas Struck, who has played for full houses in Denmark, performed at international festivals, and were nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize.

Since then, Kasper Tranberg has played and recorded with many others, including Pierre Dørge, Jakob Bro, Lars H.U.G., Jesper Zeuthen, Hugo Rasmussen, Fredrik Lundin, Bent Jædig, John Tchicai, Claus Hempler, Marilyn Mazur, Swan Lee, Savage Rose, and C.V. Jørgensen.

As a solo artist and composer, Kasper Tranberg currently works with various ensembles: Alone (solo grain and lyrics), Zone Bleue (duo with cellist and bassist Nils Davidsen), Terzet (spacy trio chamber jazz), Strawboss (international sextet with Tony Malaby and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, among others), Destination X (Tokyo-based quintet of Japanese musicians) and Breath of Disturbance (large ensemble with Danish instrumentalists and improvisers across generations and aesthetics).

Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg (DK/US)


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Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg (DK/US)


Ferm/AC/Osgood feat. Kasper Tranberg - Photo: Karolina ZapolskaFoto: Karolina Zapolska