Jakob Kullberg - Propounding feat. Kresten Osgood (DK)


Jakob Kullberg - Propounding feat. Kresten Osgood (DK)

Jakob Kullberg (vc, voc), Carolyn Goodwin (cl), Peter Tinning (g, effects), Mariusz Prasniewski (b),Kresten Osgood (drm)

A song cycle over poems by Ezra Pound

This project is based on American poet Ezra Pound's short, visual poems, over which Jakob Kullberg has created the work Propounding, which can be described as a song cycle that draws lines to everything from Per Nørgård's music, free jazz, and indie-pop. Pound's often extremely short poems are intertextually connected and in dialogue with themselves in Kullberg's dream-like musical universe.

Propounding will be experienced as one long process, where themes such as dreams and love are treated in different ways, among other things by virtue of the myth of Daphne and Apollo. Daphne's desperate desire to escape Apollo's love by being transformed into a tree is addressed in the poems A Girl and A Tree.

Ezra Pound's ability to create images with his poetry is matched by Jakob Kullberg's ability to shape a type of music that, like dreams, constantly changes. The music is performed by a group of Denmark's leading free jazz musicians, whose improvisational approach will shape the concert format.

Despite the pre-composed and indie-pop-sounding expression, the music is spontaneously defined in the moment.


17/07/2021 20:00 - 22:00

Cover charge Kr. 125
Billetter sælges kun i forsalg, intet dørsalg.
Dørene åbnes kl. 19.00.


Skovgaardsgade 3
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 30 27 61 67


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  • Jakob Kullberg - Propounding feat. Kresten Osgood - Photo: Camilla WintherFoto: Camilla Winther