Malthe Kaptain Quintet (DK/ES/PL)


Malthe Kaptain Quintet (DK/ES/PL)

Malthe Kaptain (trp), Cesar Joaniquet (t-sax), Artur Tuznik (k), Matthias Petri (b), Karl Seyer-Hansen (drm)

The modern sound of New York

Malthe Kaptain Quintet is based on compositions by trumpet-super-talent Malthe Kaptain, who is just 20 years old.

He studies jazz at the conservatory in Odense and has already made a name for himself with his characteristic sound and strong improvisational abilities. His compositions create associations to the European free jazz scene and the modern sound of New York.

Malthe Kaptain is joined by some of his favorite musicians: Cesar Joaniquet on tenor saxophone, Artur Tuznik on piano, Matthias Petri on bass, and Karl Seyer-Hansen on drums.

  • Malthe Kaptain Quintet - Photo: Aarhus Jazz FestivalFoto: Aarhus Jazz Festival