The Crooner (DK/CL)
The Crooner - Photo: Café Gemmestedet

Foto: Café Gemmestedet

The Crooner (DK/CL)

Lukas Obel (voc), Patricio Moya (p)

A tribute to the great crooners of jazz

When father and son take the stage for this portrait concert, there won't be a dry eye in the house. The audience can expect both music and humor at a high level.

You hear music from legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole in stylish duo versions, where Lukas Moya Obel's crisp voice is accompanied by the warm-blooded pianist Patricio Moya. Together, they have planned for a very special portrait concert that pays tribute to the great crooners of jazz. There will also be some newer songs covered in good old-fashioned crooner style.

Lukas Moya Obel. As the son of a renowned tango pianist from Chile, Lukas's life has always been full of music, song, dance, and acting. Therefore, it is no wonder that he has immersed himself into something as grandiose and flamboyant as the good old Frank Sinatra tunes, Dean Martin hits, and Nat King Cole masterpieces – naturally, delivered with a good deal of Latin Love. As a young educated actor, musician, and singer, Lukas Moya Obel now tries his hand as a storyteller and communicator of both beautiful standard jazz and anecdotes about the great crooners from the world of jazz.

Patricio Moya. Patricio Moya is a renowned pianist both in and outside Denmark. He started playing the piano as a child in Chile, following his father, who was a tango pianist. Nothing could drive him away from the piano, which has not changed to this day. Patricio Moya has made a career as a pianist, played with renowned artists around the world, and has been behind major productions. He is especially known for his incredibly beautiful and passionate performances in the genres tango and jazz. For the past eight years, he has established and run a distinguished piano school in Aarhus: Aarhus Piano Academy.

The Crooner (DK/CL)


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The Crooner (DK/CL)


The Crooner - Photo: Café GemmestedetFoto: Café Gemmestedet