Liga Latina (DK)

Mike Hecchi (voc, ac g), Theo Hjorth (p), Michell Boysen (b), Rune Krogshede (trp), Bo Johansen (perc)

World-class Nordic Latin

Liga Latina has since the release of its self-titled album garnered five-star reviews as well as international radio air time. They have been described as world-class in the rhythmic Latin and Caribbean genres.

Cuban, Latin, and Caribbean jazz and folk are long love stories between the Spanish guitar and the African drum.

Liga Latina is a collective of driven musicians for whom it is a passion to convey this cultural heritage of music and styles at a high artistic level

An unadulterated respectful relationship with the Latin/Cuban songbook spiced with critically acclaimed original compositions, and unparalleled live energy has made them audience favorites. Liga Latina has taken audiences by storm at jazz and world festivals and venues in recent seasons.


09/07/2021 20:00 - 22:00

Cover charge Kr. 150


(+45) 26 20 65 46

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