The Blutos (US/IL/DK)
The Blutos - Photo: Institut for (X)

Foto: Institut for (X)

The Blutos (US/IL/DK)

Dirk McCall (sax, voc), Mads Oxholm (trp), Adar Pelter (bar-sax, b), Jason DiPalma (drm)

New interpretations of traditional New Orleans notes

The Blutos are back in the City of Smiles after their last performance at Aarhus Jazz Festival in 2013.

The band is inspired by traditional melodies from New Orleans' Mardi Gras reinterpreted in a more avant-garde style, which is alive and well in New Orleans today.

Dirk McCall from Alabama sings and plays saxophone, Jason DiPalma from Philadelphia mans the drums, Adar Pelter from Tel Aviv lays the deeper foundation with baritone saxophone and double bass, while Mads Oxholm from Aarhus plays trumpet loaded with effects.

The Blutos (US/IL/DK)


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Dirk McCall
The Blutos (US/IL/DK)


The Blutos - Photo: Institut for (X)Foto: Institut for (X)