Afro Cuban Chill Out (CU/DK)
Afro Cuban Chill Out - Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Foto: Piano Værkstedet

Afro Cuban Chill Out (CU/DK)

Eliel Lazo (perc, voc), Zacharias Williams (g, voc), Kjeld Lauritzen (org)

Captivating Afro-Cuban jazz

Eliel Lazo travels all over the world as a distinguished ambassador for jazz and Cuban music. He is recognized as one of the greatest percussionists in the world and plays with the likes of Michel Camilo.

This evening, he and his two fellow musicians close this year's Jazz Festival in style. Eliel Lazo has assembled a true dream team of virtuoso musicians consisting of guitarist and singer Zacharias Williams and Kjeld Lauritzen on the Hammond organ.

Audiences can look forward to an evening of captivating Afro-Cuban jazz and vibrating tones from warm climates that will no doubt make it incredibly difficult for anyone to remain still.

The concert is presented by Tricksters Inc. in collaboration with Aarhus Piano Academy.

Læs mere om Afro Cuban Chill Out

Læs mere om Afro Cuban Chill Out

Afro Cuban Chill Out (CU/DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK


Grønnegade 61B
8000 Aarhus


Piano Værkstedet
(+45) 86 12 26 25
Tricksters Inc.
Afro Cuban Chill Out (CU/DK)


Afro Cuban Chill Out - Photo: Piano VærkstedetFoto: Piano Værkstedet