Esben Just & Ronni Boysen (DK)
Esben Just & Ronni Boysen - Photo: CasaV58

Foto: CasaV58

Esben Just & Ronni Boysen (DK)

Esben Just (p), Ronni Boysen (g)

Terrific Blues'n'Jazz jam

It is a great pleasure to be able to welcome you to a jam session with Esben Just. Denmark's New Orleans Rock 'n' Blues pianist and entertainer #1, as well as the eminent blues guitarist Ronni Boysen.

As usual, sing-along voices and handclaps are required when Esben Just takes the stage.

The starting point is the love for everything that New Orleans music has to offer. Intensity and authenticity fill the air when Esben Just takes his seat at the piano and microphone to bring spirit and life to the room.

A love letter to hand-played music and the beats that arise when the moment is seized and interpreted with open senses.

Ronni Boysen is one of Denmark's best and most in-demand blues guitarists.

He is the lead guitarist for Muddy Waters' eldest son, Mud Morganfield, whenever he plays in Europe, and he has recently toured with American singer Diunna Greenleaf.

In addition, Ronni Boysen plays regularly with Swedish-Danish The Kokomo Kings and Danish-Irish Trainman Blues. He can also regularly be heard in collaboration with Hans Knudsen, Troels Jensen, Peter Nande, and others.

Ronni Boysen is praised by the music press for his elegant, disciplined and swinging blues playing, which has resulted in a number of awards: The Blues Lounge Radio Show Awards: Guitarist of the Year (2018), The Blues Lounge Radio Show Awards: Band of the Year (The Kokomo Kings) (2018), Danish Music Awards Blues: Danish Blues Release of the Year (Trainman Blues: Trainman Blues) (2018), Danish Blues Name of the Year (2013), and Blueskartellets Ærespris (2010)

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Esben Just & Ronni Boysen (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK


Vestergade 58
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 26 20 65 46
Boysens Blues Venner
Esben Just & Ronni Boysen (DK)


Esben Just & Ronni Boysen - Photo: CasaV58Foto: CasaV58