Jazz Boat (DK)
Jazz Boat - Photo: Aarhus Sail Event - Jazz Boat

Foto: Aarhus Sail Event - Jazz Boat

Jazz Boat (DK)

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At sea with jazz on board

Jazz Boat in Aarhus has a special event for Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021.

Join a unique harbor tour aboard The Jazz Boat M/S DAGMAR - Jazz on Board.

In collaboration with Aarhus Sail Event, Erling's Jazz- og Ølbar presents a maritime and musical experience beyond the usual.

The music at Jazz Boat

9 July: Jens Christian Kwella (g) and Peter Friis (b)
10 July: Jens Klüver (sax), Jacob Djursaa (g) and Kristoffer Bliksted (b)
11 July: Ned Ferm (sax), a.o.
12 July: Jens Klüver (sax), Jacob Djursaa (g), Hjalte Hviid (p), and Kristoffer Bliksted (b)
13 July: Ned Ferm (sax) and Anders AC Christensen (b)
14 July: Ned Ferm (sax) and Anders AC Christensen (b)
15 July: Jens Klüver (sax), Hjalte Hviid (p) and Kristoffer Bliksted (b)
17 July: Jacob Djursaa (g) and Dan Hjorth (p)

During the breaks, the guide talks about the city's history and development as seen from the water as we sail past Toldboden, the old shipyard, Bassin 7, and continue past the new district Aarhus Ø and the cultural gem the wooden boat harbor. At the end of the trip, we round the Marina.


Jazz Boat (DK)


Cover charge 200 DKK

M/S Dagmar, Havnepladsen, Midtbyen

M/S Dagmar, Havnepladsen, Midtbyen
Havnepladsen, Midtbyen
8000 Aarhus C


Aarhus Sail Event
(+45) 44 12 57 56
Jazz Boat (DK)


Jazz Boat - Photo: Aarhus Sail Event - Jazz BoatFoto: Aarhus Sail Event - Jazz Boat