Anders Filipsen – Artist Talk (DK)

Anders Filipsen (talk)

Talk about improvisation and cross-artistic collaboration

Improvisation is about being open to the present and participate in its dialogue. This requires attentiveness as well as having something to offer and the skill to deliver it.

This dialogue is extremely exciting in a musical universe where one "speaks" with like-minded individuals. But how do we communicate with artists in other mediums?

In this meeting, there will be opportunities to create expressions that are capable of more than music alone - if you are open to reinventing yourself.

Anders Filipsen is a composer, pianist, and sound artist. As a soloist, he has created concerts centered around piano and synths with a musical language that draws on both avant-garde jazz and modern classical music.

His sound universe is characterized by an openness to many genres. He has made records for both duos and big bands in pieces that draw on everything from modern classical music to West African music, improv, songwriting, and electronic music.

He has created festivals and arranged concert draws for, among others, big bands, pianists, and composers as well as created countless cross-aesthetic and cross-artistic concerts in which his music was created by combining dancers, chefs, lighting artists, visual artists, film artists, and poets.

Anders Filipsen has worked as a sound creator with John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Sofia Jernberg, Nastio Mosquito, Ane Trolle, Marc Lohr, Rumpistol, Stefan Pasborg, Liudas Mockunas, Herman Müntzing, Lotte Anker, and groups such as Traveling Tribes, The Black Nothing. , The sound collective NEWCLEAR, New Kids, The Firebirds, TEETH, AFT, Kresten Osgood Trio (KO3), and The hOpening.

In addition, he has worked as a sound artist at exhibitions, produced music for, among others, the internationally acclaimed Angolan artist Nastio Mosquito and worked as a film composer on several award-winning short films, documentaries and art films.


16/07/2021 17:00 - 18:00

Cover charge Kr. 20
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