Melody Gardot (US)
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Melody Gardot - Photo: Musikhuset Aarhus

Foto: Musikhuset Aarhus

Melody Gardot (US)

Melody Gardot (voc), Philippe Powell (p), Christopher Thomas (b), Jorge Bezzeria (perc)

Stylish, iconic, and original American

American jazz star Melody Gardot is set to give a concert out of the ordinary at Aarhus Jazz Festival.

Melody Gardot is gentle like Norah Jones, edgy and unique like Joni Mitchell, and captivating and mysterious in her own way. As a result of a traffic accident in her teens, she is physically frail, but her voice and charisma are enormously strong and she belongs to the absolute jazz elite in the USA.

With several successful albums behind her that straddle genres such as blues, jazz, and R&B, Gardot indulges the soul and satisfies the brain with lyrics that cut deep.

In May 2022, she will release the album Entre eux deux with pianist Philippe Powell. Her previous album Sunset in the Blue was released in late 2020. The music was recorded in both Europe and the US with producer Larry Klein and arranger Vince Mendoza and features duets with Sting and Ibrahim Maalouf.

Sunset in the Blue has been praised with stars and hearts from critics at home and internationally.

"Sunset in the Blue truly embraces the silky-smooth legacy of jazz's gold-edged bossa nova epoch. The album is unabashedly pleasant and delicate."
- Politiken, Kim Skotte.


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Melody Gardot (US)


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Melody Gardot (US)


Melody Gardot - Photo: Musikhuset AarhusFoto: Musikhuset Aarhus