Jan Kaspersen solo piano (DK)
Jan Kaspersen solo piano - Photo: Gorm Valentin

Foto: Gorm Valentin

Jan Kaspersen solo piano (DK)

Jan Kaspersen (p)

Jazz with many colors on the palette

Pianist and composer Jan Kaspersen (b.1948) is a highly respected name in Danish jazz and has achieved veteran status after more than 50 years of working with music. As a pianist and improviser (and as bandleader of large and small ensembles), he has marked himself as one of the true originals of Danish jazz music.

Kaspersen's solo concerts range from intense ballad renditions to more imaginative and meditative progressions in a powerful and authoritative expression. Perhaps, he will throw himself into improvised progressions that (hopefully) will surprise both the audience and the pianist himself.

He can be hard to place in a single category. There are many colors on the palette. For more than 50 years, he has worked with music from several genres, though his improvised jazz remains his starting point.

Jan Kaspersen has received numerous awards for his work, both as a pianist and composer. He has a large number of releases behind him with his own compositions and music taken from standard jazz repertoire (including Monk and Ellington), and has also recorded music by Erik Satie. This release received rave reviews and was widely distributed, making him famous outside the jazz world.

"He seems to hold jazz history in his hands." and "This music is filled to the brim with the rare power of conviction." Are some quotes by critics that help paint the picture of a rare musician.


The concert is part of this year's concert series in Aarhus Cathedral, which focuses on jazz music centered on the grand piano.

Special thanks to Juhl-Sørensen for sponsoring the grand piano for the concert.


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Jan Kaspersen solo piano (DK)


Cover charge 140 DKK

Studerende og unge under 25 år 110 kr. Børn til og med 12 år 50 kr. Billetter i forsalg og salg på døren fra kl. 16.30.

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Jan Kaspersen solo piano (DK)


Jan Kaspersen solo piano - Photo: Gorm ValentinFoto: Gorm Valentin